Gertraud Gruber AUTHENTIQUE Eye & Lip Contour Lift

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  • Special preparation against dark circles and pleated lines
  • nourishes and tones the eye and upper lip area
  • highly effective Alpine rose extract with polyphenol supports natural cell renewal
  • the special active ingredient tetrapeptide demonstrably contributes to the reduction of bags under the eyes (puffy eyes) and dark circles under the eyes (dark circles)
  • a natural instant tightener made from Verek acacia, rhizobia gum and hyaluron reduces the depth of wrinkles
  • the skin is optimally moisturized
  • optical micro-fillers (mineral pigments) make the skin look younger immediately
  • suitable for all skin types and ages
  • cares without greasy gloss
  • free from paraffins, silicones, preservatives PEG / EO compounds, synthetic colors and fragrances

Our special advantage: research & development

By working closely with the beauty farm, the Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik brand is way ahead of any market research organization when it comes to knowing the expectations and wishes of the discerning woman who takes her skincare seriously. Thus we use the wealth of experience and valuable knowledge we have gained through the many thousands of treatments given on the Gertraud Gruber beauty farm in Rottach-Egern every year.

The basis of every high-quality preparation we develop is always nature herself:

  • Carefully manufactured plant-based oils
  • Selected medicinal herb extracts
  • Isoflavones and multipeptides
  • Cell-protecting skin vitamins and enzymes
  • Minerals and trace elements
  • Natural fragrances and delicately perfumed essences

Selected and evaluated by:

  • Experienced cosmetics experts
  • Naturopaths and complementary therapists
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacologists
  • Ayurvedic therapists

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